Tobias Price
Name Tobias Price
Title The White Hot Alchemist

(ホワイトホットの錬金術師, Howaito hotto no renkinjutsu-shi)

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday March 16, 1891
Birth Place Amestris
Age 21
Height 170.18 cm (5'7")
Weight 81.6466 kg (180 lbs)
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Two automail arms with transmutation circles carved into both hands.
Professional Status
Affiliation Amestris State Military
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation State Alchemist
Rank Major
Previous Occupation Student
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Central Military Head Quarters
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives >
Education State Military Academy
Status Active
Abilities Plasma-based alchemy


Tobias has short black hair with a small ponytail and blue eyes. He commonly wears the basic military uniform with the sleeves torn off his jacket. Both of his hands and forearms just below his elbows were replaced with automail, the result of an accident with his alchemy.




Plasma AlchemyEdit

Tobias has two transmutation circles carved into his automail hands, one on the palm and one on the back. The ones on the back of his hands convert air and light into superheated ionized plasma and the ones on the palms of his hands shape the plasma into concentrated plasts and release it by displacing the air in front of them. Using his unique brand of alchemy, Tobias can release plasma as a blast of concussive force and heat. These blasts have enough power to destroy a building and enough heat to literally vaporize a human. For defensive purposes, he can also convert the plasma into a wall of heat and force that destroys anything aimed at him, efectively creating a forcefield of plasma. Tobias can control the force-to-heat ratio to create either a blast of pure force that hits with the power of a bomb or a blast of pure heat that can literally cut a building in half.



From a young age, Tobias wanted to be a state alchemist. In one of his first attempts to be made a state alchemist, he showed the military how his alchemy could create ionized plasma. The military was impressed with it and made him a state alchemist. To help him use his alchemy in combat, he tattooed his hands with transmutation circles. Unfortunately, his hands weren't strong enough for the plasma he created. When he first tested out his alchemy, he ended up blowing both of his arms off. Knowing that he couldn't use his alchemy without his arms, he spent months looking for someone who could make automail strong enough to allow him to use his alchemy without worrying about blowing his arms off again.