Ancient Yuengiri temple
This is where those assigned to be the emperors Wu are imprisoned. It is a small island located off the eastern coast of Xing. The temple complex holds some of their greatest treasures, secrets and achievements.


The island is of small size, with only two structures present. The first are the docks, though the buildings there have been run down and abandoned for years. The second is the large, temple structure they built in the middle of the island to accommodate the Wu; which to this day still hold the ancient archives of the Ancient Xingese Alchemy, along with their greatest secrets and teachings.

Known ArtifactsEdit

'Zhōng Yèshū: ('中葉書, Chinese for Book of the Ancients): A book handed down to each Wu appointed by the Yù Huáng since the founding of Alkahestry. The last holder of this text was Luànmâ. The book is believed to possess the documented history of the ancient Xingese Alchemy, holding many secrets. The book is inlaid with gold leave and quite old, as it has been preserved through the ages. It even survived Luànmâ’s escape and even though she left it she committed the contents in their entirety to memory, with the additional techniques she developed.

Book of the Ancients Version 2: In this text are placed descriptions the techniques developed by Luànmâ that they were able to recreate with input from the current emperor Ling Yao and his sister May Chang.