Renate Cazador
Name Renate
Title Lieutenant
Other Simone
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday May 9th
Birth Place Amestris
Age 24
Height 5'7
Weight 120 lbs. 
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Blood Type unknown
Unusual Features N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Amestrian Military
Previous Affiliation none
Occupation soldier/spy
Rank Lieutenant 
Previous Occupation none
Partner none
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Central
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education school
Status Alive
Abilities Weapons training
Equipment knives,gun

Renate Cazador is a Lieutenant in the Amestrian Military. She was chosen to be a spy and orginally was placed at Briggs becauseof her personality and fighting style.She took the cover nme Simone as a spy to figure out what the Furher Terror's were planning. Her correspodence was cut off so she was thought to be dead. Thats when she met Bryke and Mera two teenagers who became spies for the military.

Early lifeEdit

Renate wa born to a wealthy miliary family. Her father had a high position in the military and he expected all of his sons to follow him but didn't care about his daughters. So it surprised him when e learned Renate had gotten a higher posistion than  all but one of his sons. Renate however was sent to Briggs so he couldn't start interacting with her. oon ater she was requesed in central. She was going to be a spy and infiltrate the group called the Furher Terrorists who planned on killing the furher and his allies.