Johnathan Vinberg

Johnathan Vinberg

  • Scarlet-eyed Alchemist (Akame no Renkinjutsushi), Carbon Alchemist (Kurokongouseki no 'Renkinjutsushi)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Appears in: Fanon

Birthdate: January 14

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: 0

Height: 1 m, 70 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Species: Human

Occupation: State Alchemist

Family: Susan Vinberg (mother), Thomas Grayson (father), Elisa Grayson (half-sister)

Johnathan Vinberg joined the military, as a state alchemist when he was 15. The reason he enrolled in the military is to find his father, Thomas "Bloodhound" Grayson.


Johnathan has moderatly short, white hair and sharp, red eyes. He is 17-years old, and weighs 70 kg. He is 170 cm tall and really fit.

Johnathan's body is covered with tatoos that represent Transmutation circles. He has one on his right palm, the
Transmutation circle by Air Alchemist

Transmutation circle of Carbon

circle of earth, one incarved in his automailed palm, the circle of steel, one on his back, the circle of carbon etc.

Johnathan is usually seen wearing a red shirt with black buttons, black jeans and a black overcoat. He also wears black war-boots.

When Johnathan was 5-years old he was attacked by a sick dog that bit his left arm. The doctors had to replace his arm with an automail arm. His automail is made from a special material that is designed to weigh around the same as a normal arm.


Johnathan is very mature for his age, considered to be a child prodigy. He is a strict, but caring person and would not hesitate to give his life for a friend. However Johnathan is not a psychologically strong human being. He can't bare to kill his enemies, even if they did the most horrible thing imaginable. And when he is forced to kill them he always tears up. Johnathan has said that he hates himself for being a killer and a "dog of the military".


Elisa Grayson


Susan Vinberg: Johnathan's parents split up when he was quite young, so Johnathan has shared a special bond with his mum. When Johnathan was 12 his mother was murdered by a serial killer called Craig the Skull Crusher. The initial reason that Johnathan went on his journey was to find Craig and avenge his mother. On the way he met a man that revealed the whereabouts of his father. Johnathan followed the instructions and found a small house where he met his half-sister Elisa Grayson.

Elisa Grayson: Johnathan met Elisa in their father's cabin. She told him all about how their father was a mercinary working for the state and Johnathan tought Elisa Alchemy. They both went to Central and Johnathan became a State Alchemist. Ever since he and Elisa have been searching for their father. John cares deeply for Elisa and always protects her from harm.

Thomas Grayson: Johnathan never really new his father well so he doesn't have much of a relationship with him.


Alchemy: Johnathan is a greatly skilled alchemist. He learned Alchemy from his mother who was previously known as the Death Gas Alchemist. Johnathan's alchemy gives him the ability to bend any type of carbon into another type of carbon (ie Carbon Dioxide to Diamons or vice versa)

Martial Arts: Johnathan is highly trained in guerilla and street fighting

Marksmanship: Johnathan is a moderate marksman.


  • As a state alchemist Johnathan has about as much authority as a Major.
  • Johnathan enjoys reading criminal novel.
  • Johnathan's favorite food is stew and his least favorite food is rice.
  • Johnathan inherits his eyes from his mother, but his hair from his father.


  • (to Elisa) "I hate it! I hate it all! I hate the military, I hate...myself!"
  • (to Susan) "I will avenge you! Just watch me!"