Jiao Mason
Name Jiao Mason (née Long)
Title Mother of Solaris Mason
Other The Amestrian's Wife
Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday c. 1870
Birth Place Xing
Age around 40
Height 5'4"
Weight 115 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair black
Blood Type unknown
Unusual Features Her nasally laugh
Professional Status
Affiliation The Mason Family
Previous Affiliation The Emperor of Xing
Occupation Mother
Rank Commoner
Previous Occupation Housewife
Partner N/A
Previous Partner N/A
Base of Operations N/A
Personal Status
Marital Status Divorced
Relatives Zhao Long (father)
  • Ji Long (mother)
  • Hans Mason (ex-husband)
  • Solaris Mason (daughter)
  • Ling Yao (son-in-law)
  • Unnamed Grandchild
Education Academy Graduate
Status Deceased
Abilities Martial Arts
Equipment N/A

Jiao Mason (née Long) was the mother of Solaris Mason and a native of Xing. She played a very minor role in the story. She, along with her mother and father, were in favour of marrying off Solaris to Prince Ling Yao, knowing that the Emperor of Xing intended to use the girl as a pawn to help him gain immortality.

First AppearanceEdit

Jiao first appears in Chapter 1 of "Fullmetal Alchemist: Black and White Crusade" and is described as a "stern, overbearing woman" by Solaris. Jiao openly admits this is true and blames it on her upbringing as a child, saying that her father had "a temper greater than Xing itself" and her mother "never really cared", although Solaris never believed this until after happening upon her mother's diary.

Arrival In AmestrisEdit

Solaris had grown to fall in love with then 13 year old Ling Yao, one of the many Xingese princes. Jiao thought of this as an oppurtinity to marry off her daughter to a life of wealth and prosperity. When she spoke to her husband, Hans Mason, about this, he wouldn't hear a word of it. Solaris was only 12 at the time and he thought that was far too young to even consider marriage. Jiao, however, thought this was a perfectly fine age for marriage, and spoke to the Emperor, despite her husband's oppsition. Jiao's mother and father agreed to support the arrangement of the marriage and stop Hans from interveneing. Hans, eventually and begrudgingly, decided to support his wife, after havng a long talk with Solaris an discovering that Ling and Solaris have mutual feelings. However, as soon as the Emperor spoke of Solaris helping Ling in his quest to find the secret to immortality, Hans, immediately spiraled back into opposition mode. In fact, he went as far as to pack everyone's belongings and hauled his family off to Amestris, where Hans himself was born and raised. Jiao was so angry that Hans would do this, and Hans was angry that he could do this to their daughter, that the two divorced and Hans was granted sole custody of Solaris and Jiao was denied any form of visitation. This upset her so much that she had a nervous breakdown and comitted suicide. Posthumously, Jiao left things to Solaris which she treasured greatly.