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Aliases Sword King
Birthplace Unknown
Age 23
Family Maya Elric (Wife)

Azuka Elric (Daughter)

Hannah Honda (Younger Sister)

Affiliations Elric Family

Fairy Kingdom

Species Fairy
Occupation State Alchemist (Formerly)

Parent (Formerly)

King of the Fairy Realm

Abilities Elemental-Alchemy
Weapon Broadsword
Unique Trait Sickle-shaped marks right underneath his cheekbones
Goal Protect his family from death

Persuade his daughter not to do Alchemy anymore

Protect his country from future destruction

Serve the Fairy Kingdom as their king

First Appearance Chapter 23
Hadjor also known as the Sword King is a State Alchemist and the husband of Maya Elric as well as the father of his only daughter Azuka Elric. He has a younger sister called Hannah Honda.

Appearance Edit


Hadjor has the appearance of an older man with brown skin, white hair, and a short white beard. Due to being a fairy his ears are pointed at the top rather than rounded. Directly underneath his cheekbones under both of his blue eyes are small sickle-shaped marks of light blue. Much like his daughter he has a noticeable pink in the center of his pupils. His hair is cut just above his shoulders just above his shoulders and he has long bangs swept to the right of his face. The king wears royal white armor over a black space suit, accented with gold and the bright Fairy blue, along with a darker blue cape that reaches his ankles and is kept clasped over his right shoulder. As a fairy spirit, he wears white and gold armor with a blue cloak.

Personality Edit

Hadjor was a wise parent and even wiser king who desired to serve the Fairy Kingdom after retiring as a State Alchemist. His love for his daughter was so strong that he even entrusted Azuka with carrying on his legacy as the next Fairy Alchemist. His devotion to his people encouraged him to push on and even inspired his passion to protect his people no matter the consequences. Hadjor was a noble king that deeply loved his people and his kingdom so much so that he would protect him with his life.