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Fullmetal Alchemist - Dawn of the New Age (新時代の鋼の錬金術師ドーン, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi - Sōgyō no Shinnin Nendai) takes place over ten years after the defeat of Father by Major Edward "Fullmetal" Elric. Roy Mustang has taken the position of Führer of the Amestris Military, a position he had coveted from the beginning. The story is initially centered on Seireitou, an immigrant from Xing who has taken the position of Colonel in Amestris. Due to his status as an immigrant, therefore not being a native of Amestris, Seireitou is usually the center of racism, bias, and ignorant hatred. Despite this, he strives to become the Führer, in order to prove his worth in the eyes of the Amestris Military.

However, a strange new being has appeared on the scene, recreating the ranks of the Homunculi. As a war between Amestris and Xing appears imminent, and the new Homunculi have appeared on the scene, how will Xing native Seireitou respond? Split between his homeland, and the country he strives to obtain acceptance from. That... is for the readers to decide.