A forbidden sealing technique restricted only to members of the Wǔ Ge Lóng Wáng.


The Five Point Demon Seal uses the power of the Wǔ Ge Lóng Wáng to permanently cut off a person's ability to use their chi. The Five Point Demon Seal however renders its victims completely unable to utilize their ki.

The seal is mainly used on those appointed as Wu by the Emperor. It takes the power of  all five Wǔ Ge Lóng Wáng to form and reinforce the seal, and the ritual itself takes about five minutes. Once in place, it redirects the energy down the spine and away from the brain negating the victim’s ability to focus their ki.

Reversible with a counterseal which only requires the power of three Wǔ Ge Lóng Wáng instead of five.