"Mother you never told me where to find Father."
— Azuka Elric

Azuka Elric
Name Azuka Elric
Title Lady Azuka

Warrior Princess of the Dancing Petals

Other Unknown
Gender Female
Species Half Human/Half Elf
Birthday Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Age 19
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue Irises

Purple Pupils

Hair White
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Marks underneath both of her eyes
Professional Status
Affiliation Elric Family

Knights of Heaven

Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Knight of Heaven Member
Rank Commander
Previous Occupation None
Partner Azura Flame
Previous Partner Scar
Base of Operations Knights of Heaven Headquarters
Personal Status
Marital Status Unmarried
Relatives Maya Elric-Mother (Deceased)

Hadjor (Father)

Trisha Elric (Aunt)

Unnamed Uncle

Edward Elric (Cousin)

Alphonse Elric (Cousin)

Winry Rockbell (Cousin-in-law)

Education Unknown
Status Alive
Abilities Swordsmanship, Alchemy, Magic
Equipment Sword, Armor
Azuka Elric (アズカエルリック,Azukaerurikku) is the only named child of Maya Elric and Hadjor`s seven children with her being the eldest child. The niece of Trisha Elric and Trisha Elric`s unnamed husband, as well as the cousin to the three Elric siblings (Edward, Lina, and Alphonse Elric). A member of the Knights of Heaven, she serves as their commander and leader.

Appearance Edit

Azuka Elric

Azuka is a slender young woman with brown skin unlike her mother who has light skin. Her ears are pointed at the top a trait of the Elven clan. Two small sickle-shaped marks of pink situated on her cheekbones, right under each of her bright blue eyes serve as conducts for her powers in Magic. The pupils of Azuka`s eyes have a noticeable lavender color in the center of them. Her hair is usually pulled back to keep it out of her face. She wears a gold circlet with a teal embellishment, in the center. A pair of purple earrings dangle from her ears with no drawn attachments. Azuka usually wears pink-colored armor that allows her to float in the air. It also conducts her Alchemy without her having to use a transmutation circle when she is battling her enemies. As she is the heir to her family's fortune she wears a royal dress when not in her Alchemy Armor The dress is largely blue and white, accented with gold, light blue, and pink. She wears gold bracelets on each wrist and a blue cape lined with gold that snugly wraps around her shoulders and flows behind her back, reaching her calves in a split, winged design. The inside of her cape is pink and lined with white, and the collar of her cape is decorated with an Elven Clan mark on each side.Underneath her dress, Azuka appears to wear white boots with gold ankles and soles.

Personality Edit

Azuka is generous but that is often overshadowed by her hot-tempered personality as her hot-temper is the only one person`s hot-temper that can match Lina Elric`s hot-tempered personality. She has been shown usually as being calm-minded but her calm-minded mindset disappears when she wants blood. Her protective nature over her teammates have caused even Edward Elric to call her a monster when protecting her teammates from possible danger.