Aleister Crowley
Satoru Satoshi
Name Aleister Crowley
Title The Great Beast
Other None
Gender Male
Species Homunculus
Birthday October 12th
Birth Place Xerxes
Age In his hundreds
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs. (Chimera Form)
Eyes grey
Hair Blonde
Blood Type B-
Unusual Features Slightly pointed teeth
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Xerxian Royalty
Occupation Master Manipulator, Terrorist, Creator of Homunculi, Scientist
Previous Occupation Scientist
Partner Amon, Leviathan, Beliar, and Lucifer
Previous Partner Creed
Base of Operations Amestris
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Education Unknown
Status Active
Abilities Enhanced Physical Capabilities, Enhanced Sense, Speed, Strength, and Reflexes, Instantaneous Regeneration, Master Manipulator and Scholarly Genius, able to dislocate one's link to their alchemy for a brief period of time
Equipment None

Aleister Crowley, codenamed by the Amestrian Government as The Great Beast, is a master Alchemist and Homunculus from the ancient civilization of Xerxes. He has managed to escape Father's Great Transmutation Circle before it had a chance to activate and has, ever since, made use of his Alchemic knowledge to further his own pursuits of immortality.

Homunculi Edit

Aleister has created four Homunculi to act as enforcers for him and to carry out specific tasks discretely so that it cannot be traced back to him. Each are highly skilled in combat, with or without their distinct abilities.

Amon Edit

Amon wears dark plate armour and uses a sword made of the same, durable metal. He has dark hair and a stubble with two different eye colours, one being bright gold and the other blue. His gold eye is much like Wrath's "Ultimate Eye" in that it is capable of percieving different things at once. This added with his skill with the sword make him and Wrath extremely identical.

Leviathan Edit

Beliar Edit

Lucifer Edit